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Thread: MC is awful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuelenion View Post
    I love mounted combat! I play primarily as a Warden, so that might have something to do with it. I've played many many hours of Mount & Blade, which I think prepared me very well for mounted combat in LotRO and I just have a blast with it. Very unique for an MMO, too.

    I can understand some people not enjoying it, but remember that your opinions are just that: opinions. No more valid than mine or others. Calling for the removal of a unique and, to many, enjoyable part of the game just because you personally don't enjoy it is more than a bit selfish.
    I don't seem to recall anyone asking for outright removal of it, I'd not fret if I were you in any case. I would like to see it absolutely not required for quest progression in any zones though as in not part of any chains you have to do to continue.
    I continue to work with poor aptly named Loca, bought her some pretties to wear on the store, but she still handles worse than the old 1969 Dart I used to own.

    You need to remember Nuelenion that MC is not the type of gameplay many of us ever played, or wanted to, or else we might have played games like that Mount and Blade - to have this tossed at us this late in the game, so to speak is a most unpleasant and unwelcome change to many. I play a hunter, the class has been on foot being a regular hunter for a long time - this change to how I play and what I must do, is not so fun. I am only enjoying the fast speed and the ability to dress it up.
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