I bought RoR yesterday, and after several hours of play, I can say war steeds are not the least enjoyable. RoR itself is somewhat enjoyable.
I have ridden a lot of different horses traveling over many types of terrain. I can tell you that a trotting horse can make a sharp turn and can do it without sliding sideways. Not in RoR. In RoR my war steed can, from a standing start, jump over a wall, the road on the other side and the wall on the other side of the road. All I wanted to do was jump the wall, but noooo. This is absolutely the worst horse control I have ever encountered in any game.
The combat is even worse. Fortunately I am using a hunter so at least I do not have to perform the ridiculous close combat. Being hit with a sword when
the enemy is 30 or more feet away is beyond ridiculous. Being able to do it myself is just as bad. Having an enemy ride through a camp and attack me while I am conversing with a merchant is ridiculous. All the Rohirrim acting as if nothing is happening is just pathetic. If you do not want your NPCs killing each other, then separate their AOs. Do not set them up to just ignore each other. Major fail.
I already quit using my war steed for combat. This makes RoR much better except for the mounted enemies. These seem to be scripted to ride around in huge
circles. This means I have to wait for them to come back around so I can shoot them as they ride by 40 feet away, hitting me with a sword. At best RoR is something to endure until what? Helm's Deep? Is this going to have MC also? If so, I think I may pass. I will not be bringing any of my 7 other toons to Rohan other than on my way to future content that will hopefully be better.
Players have been asking for years for an upgrade to the poor housing. Instead the Devs spend precious resources producing a terrible MC system. There is
absolutely no reason to play this horrid MC. I can play M&B when I want to play actual Mounted Combat done as well as can be done in a game.
Please Devs, do not waste any more time on this MC. With all that you do from now on, just pretend MC never happened and keep the game in boots.