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    Returning Hunter

    Hey hunter community! I used to be a very active player but due to my pc not being able to handle LOTRO I had to stop, however I recently got new one (yay!) so I can play again. So I was just wondering if you guys could sum up the changes done to the hunter since I last played. The last time I played I was max level after the ROI expansion. Thank you all in advance!

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    Did you use AOE slotting the + 5 targets legacy before you went? Together with what is called improved split shot, this is now an option that is rather smooth and fun. Needs rain of arrows cooldown reset on crit slotted and the thing that generates focus on ranged crit.

    Fate (the stat) changed. It will give all the in-combat power regen that you need and adds good crit too.

    At ROI release, I think Strength stance was already phased out in favor of the focus-generating Precision. Oh and for whatever odd reason, Precision now adds no chance to hit (yes, seriously, despite the name) after all chance to hit became regulated same-for-all based on moblvl versus character level.

    So you see another nerf where you used to be the one who would never miss (no, agility does not add chance to hit either) and fate majorly boosted for all classes. Still it's very, very playable! Diminishing returns for damage kick in around 2200 agility but you still have a good choice of cramming in extra agi for noticably more dps if you stretch it another 1k more or hold around the 2.2k mark and add mitigations and morale.

    EDIT I've also had the luxury of my main old hunter having most virtues maxxed at 16 (all above 11!) so I've been able to play around a bit with what I slot - so far had a lot of fun adding only morale and resistance - charity, determination, valour, zeal, honour.
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    In little under 2 months, the next expansion is due with significant revamps to classes, almost certainly bringing new play-styles which we will have to get used to, so don't get too comfortable with setting up everything the way you want it.
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