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    Warden Warsteed type

    Hello everyone,

    I just recently got my warden up to RoR and started playing around with Mounted Combat. My question is what is a good warsteed type/trait line for leveling up throughout RoR content? I currently am not really a tankie spec, more of a determination stance dps type. I was just looking for some feedback as to what others have used and like. Thanks in advance

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    Well, I'm liable to be labeled a heretic for saying this, but light steed is a lot of fun. I like to use its extra maneuverability to just stay out of range and hit things from 50 meters out. If I want to not go squish and get dismounted in a war band, I'll swap to heavy though. Just play around with it and have fun, it's not like you're locked into any one things, it's just a few hundred silver to mess around with it.

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    In my experience, Light steed and yellow stance is best. Always invest in maneuverability and speed first. Mounted combat is all about pelting your enemy with javelins while playing keep away. As a note though I only used the warsteed against mounted opponents. I found I killed non-mounted opponents faster on my feet.
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    Light steed and riddermark stance is fun, with the +range skill

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    Wait, wait, what? I'm not a heretic? Yay!

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    Quite frankly I find Heavy steed to be almost on the point of useless for Warden's.

    I always go light steed and riddermark.
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    Heavy steed, yellow stance, with crit buff +25% (red tree), and with almost 25% of my own crit, its 50% crit chance... almost every mob is oneshooted...

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    Heavy. Agro the mobs & trample them like a train!

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    If you haven't discovered this thread from the *whispers* Guardian forum *whisper off* on how one toon built a yellow line, heavy steed into a death dealing ally, it's well worth the read.


    I praised it highly there and I'll add here that this is the kind of mounted combat information that I wish I could find for all classes. I'm particularly impressed with how Oaceen integrated the traiting of the player with the traiting of the war-steed. Really well done piece of thinking and creating. Best of all, apparently the build he recommends is moderately easy to achieve without having to resort to insane raiding and slavery to the relic master to meld expensive relics.

    Anyone want to take up the challenge and see if something equivalent can be worked up for wardens? My warden girls are all still on the road to Rohan so no warsteeds to play with yet. Sure would love for them to have this kind of information when they get there.

    Safe travels, Wardens. Remember, pointy end first.



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