Im looking for outfits; for who is in the title. For the Hobbit, i would like something stealthy, ranger-ish. Green or black or something. For the Captain id like glancing heavy armour with lots of detail. And for the Rune-Keeper i have 2 outfits, one from the Lotro store ( and a set from the Farmers Faire. Now i want to try not to buy all parts of the cosmetics in the lotro store. My Hunter is still below level 15, my Captain also is, and my Rune-Keeper is now level 34, heading to level 35. Get them from vendors, questing or skirmishes, i dont know. Thats why i made the topic I got pictures of two outfits i like alot, wich i would like to have on my Rune-Keeper. It are the two Elf's who looks alot like each other. They're brothers. (Forgot their name) If you have any idea how you can help me out getting some nice cosmetics, please comment

~ Helaros from Firefoot

First one of the Elf's, if your a experienced player you probably know who he and his brother are.

The second Elf is his brother, looking alot like him.

Posts from Cosmetic Lotro ( wich might inspire you, and show you what i like:

Race of Men Captain:

Hobbit Hunter: (Dyed dark green (Rivendell Green) or black.

Elf Rune-Keeper: (Standing out in the crowd