So I'm still trying to get a feel for how to "properly" play the game, or rather how to level adequately. I am currently a LVL 16 Dwarf Champion. I am on Vol 1 Book I Chapter 10 at Tom Bombadil. Up until now, I am focusing only on the Epic Quest. Therefore, while going from place to place, I have been ignoring all other NPCs that have a ring above there head and I ignore quests or deeds that do not follow the Epic story line. Until now I have been thinking of these "side things" as non-essential to LOTR. However, recently I have been reading some posts about how these are actually important for levellling up properly and for receiving important items. Now I'm thinking I should be doing more.

1. Should I NOT be passing these up?
2. Will completing these be important for levelling up and for my overall enjoyment of the game?
3. I have found the WIKI that lists all of the Epic quests. Is there a similar WIKI that will detail all of these "other" available quests?