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    bounder tokens- can i get enough?

    ok, so i calculated today and it appears that i will need 2600 bounder tokens to get what i need, starting from 15 as only today my server got to the needed amount.
    do you think i can get that amount of tokens? i know that from drops i can't, but will the festival actualy provide that much?

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    Yes, even from drops. Kill,Kill, KILL!!!

    Farming tokens is easy from drops or festivals if you work on it. I have all chars under cap and yet have earned your goal a few times over at least. (I stopped counting my turn-ins because I can not catch up to the top guys on Riddermark)

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    Apparently they chang the drop rate for the tokens according to the server population, so every server can get the statue done.

    So far I got ~8000 tokens (there are of course people with a lot more tokens than me) and I certainly didn't afk grind or anything. I went out once to finish a killing deed, the rest comes from standard game play and the last festivals (I played the dailies at the farmers fair wih 2-4 chars every day, not more).
    I am looking forward to the autumn festival, it has a lot of short quests. That should do the trick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peresbert View Post
    Yes, even from drops. Kill,Kill, KILL!!!

    Farming tokens is easy from drops

    On my server drops have been decreased even further after our server reached the goal. Yesterday evening I did some questing with a lot of killing involved, I got exactly 0 bounder drops. All hope lies in the Harvest festival now.

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    I would say yes, try it. I guess they'll start to give away extra tokens at the next festival. It should be possible to collect enough tokens...

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    Have you got weeks of 12 hour days to do it? Do you have extremely good luck in game?
    It seems quite a few people are having the same issue, once their server hit the quota, that was pretty well it for bounders bag drops.
    In a bit over 2 days, and 7 characters I got 4 bags on one. So your chances of getting that done in a reasonable amount of time is zip, you may not even manage it working on it for weeks of 12 hour days.



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