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    North Downs vs. Evendim

    Most of you probably just went, "This guy's crazy! Evendim is definitely the better choice!" However, in a rush to get Runekeeper and Warden on a discount, I bought the Mithril Edition so I would already have Moria, Lothlorien, and Eregion. In addition, I would get 2000 Turbine Points to purchase the two classes I desired. However, because it's such a great deal, it also comes with Trollshaws...

    I was originally planning to finish the Lone Lands and get Evendim, but I don't know if it's worth it since I already have the Trollshaws. I have heard that Evendim is better because navigation in the Trollshaws is difficult, but I've always had a knack for exploration in this game.

    Why do I want to buy North Downs? It's mainly because Trollshaws is slightly overleveled for me, and I still have so much TP to spend.

    Because I'm really confused on which zone is the better deal in my situation, I decided to lay out the pros and cons to getting each one:

    North Downs
    • In line with Book 3, so I won't have to use stables to travel (I don't plan on getting VIP until much later, so I still don't have swift travel)
    • Its main hub is where the jeweler's guild is located in, which is my main's crafting guild
    • Its quests' levels are the best for me when it comes to leveling at the moment.
    • Though this pro is purely cosmetic, I prefer the North Downs kindred mount to the Evendim one.
    • Less deeds than Evendim, which in return gives me less TP
    • I'm already overleveled for some of its content

    • It offers a bountiful amount of quests and instances
    • Again, a purely cosmetic pro, but Evendim has a very beautiful environment
    • If I end up disliking the Trollshaws, I can go here instead
    • It has a few but substantial amount of quests to help me level up to the Trollshaws
    • If I end up liking the Trollshaws, this quest pack wouldn't be a good deal since it offers the same-leveled quests as the Trollshaws
    • It is "off the path" when it comes to the epic quest line, causing me to travel back and forth between places if I use it

    Thanks for your help!

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    If you do all of volume 1 and, with the first book of volume 3, [spoiler alert] you're going all over Eriador anyway :P. North Downs starts lower than Evendim, as you've noted. For me, Evendim flows better after being revamped shortly after F2P. About the Trollshaws, it is a nice zone but is hard to travel in (by design) and I consider it as a half ... for stuff there sends you into the Misty Mountains, so you'll have to consider the cost of that zone, too (another zone hard to travel in).
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    North Downs is more analogous to the Lonelands than Evendim or the Trollshaws.

    It has some level 35 and up quests, but those are pretty much group only quests (and even when I started playing, finding groups for those quests was impossible).

    Evendim takes you from 32 to 40 pretty smoothly with just a huge amount of quests.

    The Trollshaws has some nice quests in terms of how fun they are, but there are just so few of them, and the level range is wonky. You can't really level from it. More for sight seeing.

    Back when it was designed, that was almost near the end cap, so they wanted to put the brakes on people leveling - so level 40 is sort of split between several regions, including the Trollshaws. It's got a handful of lower level quests (since Evendim didn't exist, originally), but not a lot.

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    Evendim can start easily at lvl 28 around Oatbarton and take you right to 40 without a worry. Also, think the Anuminus (spelling) quests where a lot of fun since you get a soldier you can summon for many of them. Nice gear rewards too.
    Then you can do some trollshaws (not that big an area for leveling as I remember) to ease you in to eregion. Then Moria. Say goodbye to the sun for twelve levels! Moria is so cool that I leveled a RK just to leave him in moria for PUG's.
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    Okay guys, thanks! I think I'm leaning towards Evendim, but can I still go crafting in the North Downs for my guild even if I don't purchase it?

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    You should be able to craft anywhere, just like you can use mail anywhere, for places that you've not purchased.

    However, there is really no need to craft there. Bree is much more convenient with the AH (as there are no superior stations anymore). Only thing North Downs holds that is superior is the crafting guilds for three professions.

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    I did North Downs too many times over the years, I'm sick of that place. That's why I head to Evendim as soon as I'm high enough level.
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    BTW, you will need North Downs for Fornost instances

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    The shire, north downs, and trollshaws are the only zones left that have not gone through a quest revamp. The quests are not in neat little packages, and you are not led from quest hub to quest hub like you are in Bree, lone lands and evendim. If you feel like you were just riding the rails through those areas, then North Downs might be a nice change of pace. You will have to run back and forth across the zone several times if you want to do all the quests. There are also many group quests, but they can be skipped.
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