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    Please make all festival event end times consistent!

    /<rant on>
    I know for a fact that seasonal festival events end at midnight PST.

    I just found out the Baggins Birthday Event ended with the calendar which is set to GMT.

    I unfortunately dont get home from work until after 6:00 pm which happens to be 12:00 am GMT THE NEXT DAY. I was planning in finishing the birthday event after work tonight (thinking I had time since this is still Thursday) for all my alts over multiple accounts (40+). All I had to do was talk to Gaffer Gamgee and go to Rivendell and talk to Bilblo on each of them. That would have translated into 120+ bags worth hundreds to a thousand tokens. Now all lost because I had no idea that not all festival events end at the same time zone.

    My thanks to whomever at Turbine is responsible for not standardizing festival end times that are critical to know for those of us who have to work with schedules!

    This is honestly enough to make me take a very long break from this game...
    I am now glad I hadnt pre-ordered HD for 4 accounts yet...

    /<rant off>
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    Ya that would be nice if there would do the same with the date they end if your not careful some are from and to on the date and others are from and though so on even that are through they run a day longer then it looks and on the ones that say till when that clock strikes 12 your carriage turns into a pumpkin. the FF event got me that way I was standing on the roof throwing rotten cabbages when it ended because that one was worked till that date not thru
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