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    And here is a pic of creeps trying to defend a keep against superior forces. I could only track elves, but dang near as many elves as we have creeps. That door to the flag room made defending keeps reasonable. Now it's basically wait at a rez circle for a larger force to show up. That is why we see grams camps or rez circle camps so much. There isn't any half decent places to be when outnumbered now days. Turbine keeps making the Moors worse n worse. You blame the freeps, but it's largely Turbine's and the creeps fault

    And 1 more pic to show how turbine messes with stuff!

    Quote Originally Posted by mrfigglesworth View Post
    3. cap crit multipliers at +100%
    It didn't always matter if freeps COULD hit for 6k. Out of 630 hits I only received 20 crits & 1 devestate. The # of times freeps did crit was so infrequent it didn't matter. Plus those crits could have been a quickshot crit or something silly like that. Crit defense was beastly for healers until they changed it all..ugh

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