Everyday its a grams camp. Everyday its the Grams/bd Lugz shuffle. Tonight a whole Fraid of freeps camped the Creeps at grams who had the outnumbered buff.

We need to start grouping what little numbers we have and move the fight somewhere else. When lugz is blue, we take it back, if we have the numbers. (Yes, I realize how inconvenient the auto flip is.) If they want to camp we will flip all the OP's red and they can do it without the buff. Yes, I know they will flip them back ..... but so can we. I'm here on creepside to help because of the current imbalance. Let me help you kill them, let me help you stop this obsessive camping. We need to work together as a group, coordinated and as a force to stop this mentality that camping is somehow fun. Its not fun. I know you are all discouraged with minis standing there spam healing themselves while you can't out dps their heals. I know you are all tired of being ec'd for 5-10k. I know you are sick of feeling underpowered with 4 shield traited wardens camping you at grams. If we don't start working together to stop the camping, nothing will ever change.

Invite your freep friends to come play creepside. Invite your kinmates. If you won't be around to help them when they can play, have them send me a tell when I'm on and I'll be glad to help them. Lets stop complaining a do something!


Two things here:
1. Shame on you. ESPECIALLY YOU HIGHER RANKED FOLKS. You know better. It makes me so angry to watch you sit there and make it a camp every day. Just like tonight. You know the creeps have the ON buff, do you really need a fraid to camp grams? I can't even begin to express my disappointment in you. None of you can really be happy with the way the moors is. Yet the moors is what we make it right? Do you really want to camp grams everyday, all day?

2. Initiate a change. Don't know how? Kate will tell you .... Disband the fraid if its a camp or move the fight. Go take the relics, go flip a keep, go do grothum quests, go kill the delving bosses. Don't purposely make it a camp. Decide you aren't going to go to grams if lugz is blue or even better yet ... come play your creep. I'll help you. I'll be more than glad to help you. There a lots of creeps that will help you get maps and quest items if you need them. I know, I know, every freep I try to talk to says the same thing ... nothing will change. Well maybe it won't the first day you try. Maybe it won't the second day. Maybe it won't even be different on the eighth day but I will guarantee you this ... nothing will change at all if you don't try.