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    Questions about servers. classes and crafting


    (1st of all, english is not my native language, so sorry for any mistakes! )

    Me and my GF would like to try the game, playing most of the times separately (we work in different time intervals), but on weekends we can play together. We thought about me playing with a human warden, and she would be an elven ranger.
    The questions:
    - Are those classes good to play solo and/or together?
    - We would like to help each other with crafting. What would be the best combination for our characters?
    - We are from europe, so the last question is which one is the best european server? (Good amount of players, but not overcrowded)

    Thank you for you answers!

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    Warden and hunter will work just fine.

    For crafting I think weaponsmith + explorer (craft both classes weapons, armours) would be the best. Scholar + tinker or scholar + exoplorer is fine too.

    Snowbourn I heard is the most crowded server of EU, but still, its only medium size (some US servers are bigger) but if you 2 like to role-play, Laurelin is the one.

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    You can create at least two characters on the server you choose (if you play for free). More if you spend some money to become Premium or if you subscribe and become VIP.

    I would suggest that you each create one character to use on weekends when you play together, such as a Man Warden and Elf Hunter. One of these should be an Explorer and the other a Weaponsmith. As Hiritier said, these two profession will be able to make armor and weapons for both of you.

    Then each of you make a second character to play when you are not playing together. That will let you play solo without getting out of synchronization with each other by levelling too much when the other can't play. One of the second characters should be a Historian, and the other a Tinker.

    The Historian can use the Scholar materials (writings, runes, etc.) that you both find as loot and make useful scrolls, potions, dyes, and more with them. The Historian can also grow crops as a Farmer. (Can also make metal weapons as a Weaponsmith, but that's not important.) The Tinker can make jewelry from gems and precious metals and can also cook helpful food from the farmer's crops.

    This would cover all the crafting you might want to do except for making heavy armor. Hunter and Warden both use medium armor. (Warden does need shields, which would be heavy armor, but you can find a lot of good Warden Shields as quest loot and random loot.)

    Hope that helps. Have fun!
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    Those are very good recommendations!

    As for servers, Laurelin is a nice one. Good population, but not too crowded. It's a RP server, but that doesn't mean one has to constantly RP; mostly there are some rules on choosing acceptable names, and of course one should try to take care not to interfere in RP that is going on. I've peered into other servers a few times, though only for a few levels, and I found immersion better in Laurelin because you don't have people running around showing names like "ikillorczzzz". The community is *said* to be more mature than on some other servers, but I don't know other servers well enough to judge. One can definitely find people to discuss the books with, which I like to do on occasion.

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    Hunter and Warden are both characters that can solo extremely well and also can work together decently.

    As for crafting, I have found that the best pair of vocations for 2 characters is actually Explorere and Historian. Why is simple, between the two they can gather crafting materials from all craft nodes in the wild and provide these materials to alts who then supply any other crafted materials you don't want to buy. All other vocations can then be done by alts that you don't need to actually play but simply sit in town and craft from materials provided your main two characters.

    The Explorer gathers ore and wood and tailors both light and medium armour (used by 6/9 classes). The Historian gathers specialized nodes and uses those materials to make potions and scrolls which can then be used to help you level easier. Much of the materials that the two of them gather can also be sold on the Auction House (AH) or traded with other players to get them to make items you don't have a crafter for.

    At some point, you may want a Yeoman alt that never leaves Bree or The Shire. They simply farm and cook and provide food to the toons you play.

    Shields, weapons and jewelery can also be made by town based alts if you want or purchased or traded for on the AH.
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    Wiki on Crafting: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Crafting

    Comments about good "pairs" of crafts that work well together: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Crafter_interdependence

    In short (and very simply), one "Craft" choice has 3 skills total - 1-2 "gatherer" skills and 1-2 "production" skills (aka "Vocations"), but always resulting in one (only) self-sufficient gather/produce pair of skills. Since each choice has 3 skills, for any 1 character there will always be one "extra" skill, either a production skill w/ no gather skill, or a gather skill w/ nothing to produce from those resources. However, that means that some pairs of Crafts work very well together, providing each other with the missing piece to, together, be self-sufficient for 3-4 Crafts.

    (If you use all 4 character slots (2 each) you can have 4 characters that cover ALL crafts. However, this might be more a "long range" goal.)

    For now, the "most" useful ( = important) Vocation is Tailor. Sounds like both your characters will use Light/Medium Armour, and Tailor provides both, and of all gear Armour is the most useful, providing protection as well as stat bonuses.


    Tailor = Explorer or Armourer or Yeoman. So, the choices are...

    o Explorer: Tailor (production) + Forester (gather), plus Prospector (extra gather)
    o Armourer: Armourer (production) + Prospector (gather), plus Tailor (extra production)
    o Yeoman: Farmer (gather) + Cook (production), plus Tailor (extra production)

    So, if you, alone, want to produce Armour, Explorer is the best bet. BUT, if "you two", you and your GF, want to work together, then one of the others may be better!

    IF(?) you want to work together, I'd strongly recommend...

    1) Armourer (light & medium armour*, crafting tools**, shields***)

    (* the best Hunters/Minstrels/LoreMasters/RuneKeepers can wear!)
    (** to give a bonus to specific Crafts)
    (*** Of those classes, only Minstrels can use shields, so only useful IF you choose Hunter+Minstrel)


    2) Woodsman (bows, wooden weapons*, leather for Armourer)

    (* Including Staff for LoreMaster. There is no predictable advantage to wooden vs. metal weapons - each weapon has slightly different bonuses but does the same damage compared w/ equiv weapons, and diff classes are limited to which specific weapons they can use, but most can use "some" sort of wooden weapon.)

    (Woodsman is a little less labor-intensive - less "busy work". Make 1-2 weapons/character vs. 7 pieces of armour/character, etc.)

    (If you wanted to use your other Character Slots to create more Crafters, a Tinker and Historian would give you all the Crafts)

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    Warden/Hunter is a good pairing. My brother & I have such a pair that we reserve for when we're both on.

    Quest & Skirmish rewards will provide no shortage of decent armor. It will be difficult to keep a Tailor stocked with enough leather to make this viable for your mains.
    Someone suggested Weapon-smith for a Warden/Hunter pairing. It's sub-optimal, but will keep the Hunter in traps. If you really want to make some of your own gear, both classes will want the Woodworker's Bows/Spears/Javelins... At least until they get to L45-50/Vol II/Moria. After that you'll be swimming in so many LI weapons, you won't know what to do with 'em all.

    Historian/Tinker is in my opinion the way to go. The Tinker will supply the decent Jewelry that is so lacking in quest rewards and hand off common metals to the Historian. Historian will provide Morale/Power potions & Fire/Light Oils that both classes use. The Historian can also keep the Hunter reading the latest Tome. Historian will also supply crops to the Tinker for the latest in buff food. Lastly the Hunter will use the common metals in, sadly, Weapon-smithing, but will at least keep the Hunter in Traps....
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    Quote Originally Posted by tdillman View Post
    Quest & Skirmish rewards will provide no shortage of decent armor. It will be difficult to keep a Tailor stocked with enough leather to make this viable for your mains...

    ...Historian/Tinker is in my opinion the way to go. ...
    Wow, I strongly disagree on all points here.

    First, yes, "decent" armour, perhaps up thru Level 20-25, but no better than that, and "decent" may not be good enough, depending how familiar the players are w/ MMO's.

    More, droploot and quest rewards have fixed bonuses to stats - while Hunters may find some pieces of +Agility (a Hunter's preferred +stat bonus), Casters (Minstrels, LM's, etc etc) may not find all the +Will they might want. Even if a few pieces drop, you'll rarely have all you could want. A Tailor can custom pick and choose between several options, and typically gets MUCH better armour and stat bonuses, besides getting their preferred choice.

    With regard to "keeping stocked", leather is from hides, and hides come from killing animals. A pair of adventurers leveling up will have absolutely NO problem finding enough hides to both skill up the Tailor and then keep in top-choice Armour*, and may in fact be selling off surplus hides sooner than later.

    (* Not if you change every other level, but that usually isn't necessary or even preferable. Every 4-6 levels or so, on average, I'd say, is ample upgrading.)

    Lastly, while the Tinker/Historian pair is strong, it's not, imo, the best for either a new player nor a Hunter/X combo. Custom-made Jewelry provides top-notch stat bonus only - armour provides that plus great armour bonuses - far more important for survivability. Meanwhile, Historian, while providing some nice offense/defense bonus scrolls that can greatly help any party, is universally seen as a true pain to level up, as the materials are scarce at best, and metal weapons can be bought as needed - it's far easier to buy 1-3 good weapons than 7 good pieces of armour. And drop-able traps, while a strong part of a Hunter, are not really needed except to solo, and could always be commissioned.

    For new players, I'd recommend avoiding Historian, and sticking w/ some variety* of Tailor.

    (* Armourer (or Yeoman???) + another character w/ Forester in their Craft choice to supply the hides, or Explorer, which can provide their own hides but does not mesh as well with other Craft choices.)

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    Snowbourne server.



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