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    Gratz on rank 14 First marshal Enesoulas sexydrop.Hero of the Ettenmoors

    Maybe it was too little too late .I'm sorry for that my best friend in game.
    You've worked hard, worked hard and won kanka .I am very happy for being my friend
    example of this is the game he always did with your point of view.Continue in this way kanka ..I will always be there

    Greek music, of course, will not be without
    hope you will like : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl5rMZGLv24

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    Gratz on rank 14 First marshal Enesoulas sexydrop.Hero of the Ettenmoors kanka

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    Already said it once, but congrats Ene dear <3 Push to r15 now

    Ona -> Confetti - r8 Burglar // Funfetti - r7 Mini (Execution - Gladden)
    Demodex - r8 Warg // Bonana Split - r11 WL(Brandywine)

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    Grats Enes, my friend, a very decent person and a dedicated player, always enjoy talking with you.
    hunter rnk10-runekeeper rnk10-warleader rnk10-defiler rnk10-stalker rnk9-minstrel rnk8-reaver blackarrow burglar rnk5

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    gratz..now put your points back on

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    Quote Originally Posted by decgard View Post
    I am very happy for being my friend

    Gratz Ene good luck with R15

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    Ene.. dear Enesoulas... I got so many fun moments with you , from everyday our Duo´s getting chaised by a chinese hord on the EU mornings... And we have had so many good fights togheter and spars and one V ones , you my friend made me love this server. we didnt only play togheter we where talking irl stuff togheter and just pissed creeps off with our amazing duos togheter and trios with other players and our 6man grps ! I think you remember im the last person in the whole moors some jumping in to a raid but i have done it but not more then 10min cus of the lag. All those good moments have been so fun. I remember then we both where in Iron Rangers, those where the times!
    And now this summer then Joe got back for a short time and we had our funny smal grps again. Under this year i have been on brandywine did i learn something from you , your not only the best mini on our server , your also a good person and a nice guy!
    A big congrats on your rank my friend , be the first rank 15 mini on brandywine ! And help your friends to get to their goals too , i dont play anymore but i guess i coming back later maybe next year but i wont play my warden anymore even if i know you love my warden hehe I just need a break from this game the game got more important then my irl now in the end so i made a good choice to quit/take a break.

    I hope you start to play some creep later bro ! Thats what i will be doing if i coming back and i just need to say something: wardens are a joke in HD!!!!!!!!!! if you stil play the class after the xpansion are you the biggest easymoder in the game just have to say it :P RoI where the wardens god mode but didnt hit that hard , did you hit hard did you die easy , today after U10 where it easy , i cud take on alot of creeps and hit hard and get a couple kills against zerg... was fun for a short time but it became to easy for a soloer... i cant enjoy the game these days anymore , OP/keep buffs , back doors? EEEEEH..... and new EC/OC RoR have been a joke. Both sides had a time to shine but... it became a zerg / RvR game for the pvp , all the good days we have had its gone :P and KB titles is a joke too ( sure healers loves it ) but stil... those titles mean nothing :P So while im taking my break from lotro will i be playing ESO BETA yay! and prob ESO then it comes out 2014.

    But back to your rank Enesoulas like i said i wish you the best of luck for rank 15 !
    Keep it up bro , and enjoy the game !

    Your favorite warden - Second Marshal Resillient SexyBysweden The warlord .

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    Gratz Enesoulas
    ~~Ruinous of Brandywine~Lilsticky of Crickhollow~Ring of Death Officer~~

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    It's obvious you're having fun, First Marshal Ensoulas Sexydrop, Hero of the Ettenmoors. We need more people like you.

    Third Marshal Rubicon Guardian ~ Third Marshal Raae Minstrel
    Commander Danceswithwargs Reaver ~ Taskmaster Whiskeytangofoxtrot Spider
    Commander Verkaufsschlacker Lore-master ~ Lieutenant Rivaalan Hunter
    ~ No Mercy ~

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    Dear PvPrs & PvErs,

    Hello everybody!

    My ingame name is Enesoulas and I decided to post the following thoughts, because I feel like and many players have already talked with me about!

    1. It's true, I'm almost half way in r15 and I'll get soon or later what I want the most in LOTRO, the Captain-General title. My goal is to get it before HD but dunno

    if I can make it after all. I'll do my best, I guess! If an admin or dev or smne is reading this, just make it happen pls! I make my wish! P.S.1 j/k j/k

    2. I want to thank heartily every single and all of you for existing in my online game! Friends, kinnies, allies, foes and enemies! Without you I'd prolly be nothing but

    another random player.But the fact that I usually play with/against you makes me feel like being who I am! Thank you!

    3. I want to thank every freep and creep who sent me their wishes ingame, via mail, ventrilo, ingame voice, pm. I appreciate you care about me! It is also true,

    I have worked hard on my Minstrel in order to build him up! So I feel good that the majority recognise he's a decent ally/foe after all! That will feed me back!

    4. I must thank personnally many players in BW server but they pretty much know who they are and what I feel for them! So, yeah!

    5. I'd like to say that my fav leaders are Chily in freepside and Evil in creepside! And I'm thankful I had the opportunity to talk to both ingame! I like the way they

    play and think and act in general! I must confess, I don't feel that comfo leading freeps or creeps to victory, it's smth that requirs good nerves and guts! But I

    might give it a shot in the future, we'll see! But I do know I can be a good soldier, whatever!

    6. I would like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Snowlock the Hunter who hit r15 recently! He totally deserves it, he's a good kinleader, PvPleader, ally of ours,

    hunter and ofc teacher! I learned stuff from him and Jmez, I will never forget!

    7. After I hit r15 on my Minstrel, I won't let him be inactive! How could I? Enesoulas is a part of me so I'm not leaving him! I'll keep playing freepside on him to

    support freepies but I will def try creepside since many players have asked me the last period dp that! All my creepies are ready to be rolled but I think I'm gonna

    try my WL and Reaver first, we'll see! Also, I want to lvl up my LM and GRD : this server needs more decent LMs and GRDs.Those 2 classes are what our server

    needs pretty much nowadays!

    8. I was born to love! So if you love me, I love you twice... if you just like me, all I say is ''loveya''... if you don't care about me, I'm the busy bee all around to

    whisper to you ''hey,love is the key!''... if you hate me, I still insist and I just love you! SOOOOO I feel good!

    9. Dear Resillient, my good ingame friend and buddy! Do not worry, I'll stay here to wait for you to come back when you feel like! You know that well! Thank you

    for your kind words, made me feel good and happy! Be nice, have fun, take care and my very best on whatever you do, in general! I'll treasure all our cool ingame

    moments and truth talks! gl on the beta you play this period! You will always be in my mind as a good player and decent WRD, BA! Cya around buddy!

    10. Lemme share with you a video clip- greek song that I like listening lately. I sing that while I'm playing my game, while I'm heading to job, while I'm taking my

    shower, while I'm laying on my bed etc. Hope you like it!

    11. Lastly, lemme share two pics of mine who took recently. The 1st is just a lil bit before I head to job and the 2nd before I go to an usual greek summer beach club

    close to my place! But in both cases : WAIT, DO I HAVE A LIL TIME TO PLAY LOTRO BEFORE DAT! hahahahaaaa

    12. In conclusion, I'd like to wish you gl w/e you do irl and ingame and hope to cya around in Middle Earth! Enjoy yourself!

    With respect,

    Fisrt Marshal Enesoulas Sexydrop, Hero of the Ettenmoors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grego28 View Post
    1. It's true, I'm almost half way in r15 and I'll get soon or later what I want the most in LOTRO, the Captain-General title. My goal is to get it before HD but dunno

    if I can make it after all. I'll do my best, I guess! If an admin or dev or smne is reading this, just make it happen pls! I make my wish! P.S.1 j/k j/k
    Half way? omg buddy ! i will download the game again and jump into any raid/grp with you to be able to see you hit rank 15. Even if im going to be 10 lvls below everyone!

    And thanks for your kind words my friend , i will be back , not today and not tomorrow or next week , but someday i will to play with you and against you once again !

    what its looks like right now i will be playing The Elder Scrolls Online then it comes out 2014 , awesome PvP in it so far , 3 alliances and its can be 4k VS 4K VS 4k of players (just a example with the 4k). Looking forward to that game , and looking forward to come back to LOTRO later.



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