I would like these things to be changed and improved:
1-Legendary weapons:
more legacies should be made,the quality of legacies should vary more if someone has first age,second age or third age and also some passive skills should be added to the legendary weapon or rune(random skill such as increasing the % of critical of some spell,the damage or something else)
2-Raids and instances:
more Raids should be made for 24 or more ppl and overall the hardness of the instances and raids should be bigger.Make them at least 30 minutes,1 hour or more(for example average time for 6man instances such as OE or Samrog can take less than 10 min...)which makes it boring.
and increase the number of rewards bosses and chest give and the rarity of the items,also importantly the quality of some item dropped in raid should be much better than a crafted item which isnt the case now.
make much more recepies for each crafting profession to make it more interesting
add some items which can be traded for Seals(now we have only symbols for first age)
add couple of new virtues