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    Expert Cook gets the old "Catch 22" treatment

    Yeoman maxed out in Expert cooking and farming. Did farming artisan quest and opened up artisan and master. But when I try to do the same for cooking I run into a brick wall.

    Got the artisan quest after joining the cooking guild. But the quest tells me to make hard tack rations. Didn't have the recipe so I researched who sold it and found it. Only I can't buy it because I don't have the rep.

    So I get rep by making artisan+ , but I can't get artisan until......

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    The Cooks guild and the transition from expert to artisan in cooking are 2 different things.

    Did you go to Michel Delving and do the crafting quest that allows you to go from expert cook proficiency into mastery and Artisan ?

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    I have the quest, Crafting: Artisan Cook

    As I said before I cannot do the quest as I do not have the recipe for Hard Tack Rations to complete the quest. To purchase it I need to have a high rep with the cooking guild.

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    No, you need to get the recipe off of the expert cook by the oven or from the AH.

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    My bad -- I just saw the recipe already trained in my expert folder -- thanks for you help in pointing that out!



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