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    Please give me some guidance

    I left the game about a year ago now. Hunter was my primary, leveled him to max at that time, just before Rohan and mounted combat etc,I am coming back this weekend. If you were me at this point what would you concentrate on get done first? I am VIP so I have access to everything I just don't know with all the changes what should be my first order of business and where to go from there.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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    I would say the first thing you want to do (after paying house upkeep, checking mail, all that maintanance jazz) is to go get your Warsteed

    If nothing else, Warsteeds are an insanely fast way to get across the map, and if you dont have one yet you should definatly get one.
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    What Gibraisia said. Just go through the normal quest progression (with emphasis on Epics) and not only will you get your horse but you'll level your character to what is currently the cap. Something I definitely recommend with HD less than two months away.

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    Pretend that you just logged yesterday by last time & the game was down to install "that new expansion". 1st than anything look on the Store; Character; Discounts, if you have some TP saved, you will love to buy this new passive skill. Next go to your trainer, check for posible new skills. Go to your guild vendor, check for new recipes. Check if you need more guild reputation. Check if your legendaries got their point reseted. Check if you should retrait to balance for some change on class traits & virtues. Check if you can buy some new swift travel skills. Looks like you have all the basics set so now start questing.

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    Most importantly...

    Enjoy your time in Middle-earth.
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