In part for my own reference, and to post perhaps useful information to others, I will describe my issue here.

- Three days ago I decided to purchase Samwise Gamgi starter pack. The main reason for this was the extra storage space for items.
The purchase was made with mt Paypal account, I have the receipt, and I also got a purchase verification from Turbine.

I have not yet seen any kind of information in my game profile as to the enhancements I purchased. Got a receipt, though.

- Yesterday I purchased a horse. A Champion Steed, directly in the Store, using Turbine Points. 1995 points.
While doing the purchase some error message flickered by, did not have time to read it, but the amount was deducted from my account so I assume it was some kind of glitch.

I have yet to see my "Steed of the Champion". Got a receipt, though.

- - -

Now, I have made a support Ticket. I have described my issues, perhaps in lesser details than above, but with registration information and invoice numbers pertaining to each purchase. What I find confusing is the utter lack of instructions on how to proceed or expect with any given purchase. It seems for some items one get a redeem code, for others, you should see alterations to your account ingame (after a restart) but none of that info is available while doing the purchase itself, or in the e-mails with the invoice info.

Would it not be a reasonable request to demand that relevant information on how to get/activate/use the perks you buy, also is available in the invoice or sent out within the context of the purchase?