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    2 purchases, nothing seems to have happened with my account (Ticket was made)

    In part for my own reference, and to post perhaps useful information to others, I will describe my issue here.

    - Three days ago I decided to purchase Samwise Gamgi starter pack. The main reason for this was the extra storage space for items.
    The purchase was made with mt Paypal account, I have the receipt, and I also got a purchase verification from Turbine.

    I have not yet seen any kind of information in my game profile as to the enhancements I purchased. Got a receipt, though.

    - Yesterday I purchased a horse. A Champion Steed, directly in the Store, using Turbine Points. 1995 points.
    While doing the purchase some error message flickered by, did not have time to read it, but the amount was deducted from my account so I assume it was some kind of glitch.

    I have yet to see my "Steed of the Champion". Got a receipt, though.

    - - -

    Now, I have made a support Ticket. I have described my issues, perhaps in lesser details than above, but with registration information and invoice numbers pertaining to each purchase. What I find confusing is the utter lack of instructions on how to proceed or expect with any given purchase. It seems for some items one get a redeem code, for others, you should see alterations to your account ingame (after a restart) but none of that info is available while doing the purchase itself, or in the e-mails with the invoice info.

    Would it not be a reasonable request to demand that relevant information on how to get/activate/use the perks you buy, also is available in the invoice or sent out within the context of the purchase?

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    - About the Samwise Gamgee Pack: if you bought it via the link provided at the top of this page it should have been automatically applied to your account. If you were F2P before this purchase your account should also have changed to premium status. You can check your current account status at the character selection screen above the list of your characters. Another way to check this is rolling a temporary character, logging them in and checking their inventory for a brownish gift-box which should say "Riding Bundle: Bay Steed". With the Samwise Pack you should get that gift-box on all your characters, present and future.
    The additional inventory bag is actually the fourth inventory bag. If you have unlocked the fourth inventory bag in the past (either in the Store or by going VIP) you will NOT receive the fifth or sixth bag instead. You will remain at four bags (or however many you had unlocked before the Samwise purchase).

    - As to the Champion Steed: Open your skills panel (default key "K") and bring up the Mounts tab. You'll see a list of all the mounts your character has aquired so far (the Samwise Pack comes with a Bay Steed which will also go here after you've clicked the horse-head item in your inventory). The Champion Steed should be somewhere on this list, probably near the bottom.

    If you still can't find something you've bought, I think you should contact Support.

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    Thanks a lot, Anyelir

    if you bought it via the link provided at the top of this page it should have been automatically applied to your account. If you were F2P before this purchase your account should also have changed to premium status.
    Not that I am aware of.

    I will check all that later, and as you should have seen in the previous post, I already made a support ticket.

    Most of your text, REALLY should be in the item description or purchase info or somewhere!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malancil View Post
    Not that I am aware of.
    The confusing part is that there is currently two LotRO Markets and that the Samwise Gamgee Pack is available in both of them, but that that the Markets function slightly different from each other.

    The new Market (www.store.lotro.com) is where the link at the top of this page goes. When you buy something there, it will automatically be applied to the account you used to log in for the purchase.
    The old Market (www.store.turbine.com) can still be reached by googling for it. Purchases there will give you a code (sent to you by email) which be manually applied to any account.

    If you bought the Samwise Pack in the old Market it might be worth checking your email in-box (and spam filter box) for an email that might have your code in it.

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    I bought it from here: https://store.lotro.com/en/special-offers/


    The Lord of the Rings Online™ is the award-winning free-to-play online game that immerses players in the legendary fantasy world of J.R.R Tolkien. Forge a legend all your own in the epic story of the War of the Ring. From the picturesque surroundings of the Shire to the dark depths of Moria and ancient tower of Isengard, experience an unforgettable journey across the world of Middle-earth for free!

    Prepare for your journey through Middle-earth like Samwise Gamgee!

    The Bay Steed & Riding Skill

    4th Inventory Bag

    Currency Cap

    Applies to all characters on an account!

    If this is your first purchase of a LOTRO product, then you will also be automatically upgraded to a premium account and get 1 Character Slot and 5 Auction House Slots for free!
    Well, I already had a steed, sortof. I do not get the difference, I have "something" I purchased up at the Hengstacer Farm for 200 or 300 silver that allows me to "whistle" for a horse and ride upon. I do NOT have a 4th inventory bag (unless it has to be activated somehow) and I do not have enough currency to see any effect on the currency cap (I think got almost 2 gold or there about), and for the sake of argument I only have one character.

    All e-mail is under tight control.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malancil View Post
    Then it should have been auto-applied to your account.

    If you were F2P prior tothis purchase, the most obvious sign your purchase went through should be the addtional character slot that comes with your new-acquired Premium status. If you already were Premium before you bought the Samwise Pack, I'd still recommend creating a temporary character to see if they get the gift-box. (Don't worry, even if this disposable character receives the gift-box, all your other characters will still get it. You've bought an unlimited supply of those gift-boxes; one for each character you have or will ever make.)

    Edit to react to your edit: Then I would say there is some kind of problem with your purchase and Support needs to take care of this.

    Unless... but this is pretty unlikely if you're a new player... you have more than one subscription (or sub-account) within your account. Then the Samwise pack might have been applied to the wrong subscription. That would still mean that Support would need to take care of the matter.
    After typing in your password on the launcher and before getting to the server-list, do you see another screen on the launcher, one that prompts you to choose a subscription and/or to renew your VIP status? If yes, you might have the Pack attached to the wrong subscription. If no, you only have one subscription on your account and can safely ignore this last paragraph.
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