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    Someone please respond, what the heck is wrong with this game???? I played this game a year ago and then lost it, now i am back using my MAC computer. And a whole bunch of junk is going on. Every time i get into the game peoples names are being replaced by "String error" and dwarfs have there arms randomly out to their sides as if on a cross. Also, when i am killing guards up at the mountains in the begging elf/dwarf part i am unable to enter the caves and do the quest. Someone please tell me what is going on! I used to love this game, still do, but no matter how hard i try i literally cannot play it. quests are being replaced by string errors and i have yet to enter the cave. please respond and fix this! please! i beg you!

    Ok, i just payed for the Rune keeper in the game. His powers do not work. every time i try and use his powers the game crashes. Whoever messed with this game you better fix it! i dont care if it was a update that did this or if it is just a prob the the mac download, but you guys better be prepared to fix it or give me my money back
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