***** WARNING: LONG POST *****

I wasn't sure what section to post this. Sorry if it's inappropriate for this section.

The idea is inspired by Eomer. The movies did not do this character justice. Most will probably categorize him as a Captain. That's probably mostly true but He was more of a Guerilla fighter Commander to me. The concept is similar to the Captain in that it is a "Jack of all Trades" but without all the shouts and screaming. The banners are stationary, He does not have a Herald (everyone fights, no one quits). His buffs / debuffs are not covered by the Captain. No Red, Blue, Yellow lines... yet. Medium armor.

I REALLY do not expect anything remotely close to this to be in the game and I am not suggesting it be implemented. But as a concept for the lotro universe how would this work as a framework for a class?

Class : Renegade, Outlander, Ronin, …?

Race : Man (Why should it matter? Any ok with me)

Inspired by Eomer:

Third Marshal of the Riddermark then an exiled renegade commander. As an outcast, he leads a troop of riders loyal to Théoden northward out of Rohan rather than being imprisoned in Edoras.


A highly mobile, unconventional, guerilla fighter not restricted to a single style of fighting. He/She is capable of using melee, ranged and trapping skills to adapt to the ever changing and dynamic battlefield. An inspiration to his/her fellowship and disheartening to his/her foes. The Renegade believes that the best defense is a violent, swift and blinding offense. Plan ahead, attack first and don’t give the enemy time to adjust.

Weapons: Sword, Spear, Bow
Armor: Medium

Role : Primary: DPS. Secondary: buff. Tertiary: debuff. Quaternary: Crowd Control. Quinary: heal

Default skills:

Melee (Sword)
1. Very Low damage very low cost very low cd melee skill (Burst)
2. Low damage Low cost Low cd melee skill (DoT)
3. Medium damage medium cost medium cd melee skill (burst) with interrupt
4. Medium-high damage medium-high cost medium-high cd melee skill (DoT) (AoE)
5. High damage high cost high cd melee skill (burst) with a “chance” to fear
6. Very-High damage, very high cost, very high cd melee skill (When enemy low health)
7. Disarm (debuff)

Ranged (20 m) (Spear) (Thrown)
1. Medium-low damage medium-low cost medium-low cd with 50% chance to hinder. (burst) (Mobile)
2. Medium damage, medium cost, medium cd with 50% chance to knockdown. (burst) (Mobile)
3. Medium-high damage, medium high cost, medium high cd with 50% chance to pierce armor. (DoT) (Stationary)
4. Bushwack: Very high damage (only from camouflage)

Ranged (40 m) (Bow)
1. Quick shot (Mobile)
2. Distracting shot (Daze) (Mobile)
3. Penetrating shot (Pierce armor) (Mobile)
4. Rain of arrows (AoE) (Stationary)
5. Righteousness arrow (DoT) (Stationary)

1. Tripwire (knockdown / knockout)
2. Piercing trap (DoT / slow)

1. Horn of the Outlander: AoE ‘slows’ removal and 10 second immunity.
2. Camouflage
3. A combat state escape skill
4. Sprint / charge
5. A buff similar to the creep “March” skill. Out of combat run buff. For whatever reason you do not want to use a mount. RP maybe? Call it “Longstrider”.
6. Regroup: You and up to 5 nearest fellows are transported to your Rally point. Very long CD of course

Banner: (Stationary) (AoE) (Similar to Creepside Warleader)
1. Rally Point: You place a banner within 30m of your Forward Command.
2. Forward Command: +5% melee attack speed, +2% avoidance (BPE), +5% power cost to enemy.
3. Rear Eschelon: +5% ranged attack speed, +2% resistance, - 5% power cost to Allies.

1. Courage: +5% fear resistance
2. Commitment: - 5% skill induction
-not both at same time-

1. Rallying cry (Heal Ally) (HoT)
2. Not Alone (AoE heal) (Burst)
3. Inspiriting call (Rez)
4. Cure / cleansing skill

The numbers are not firm nor are the specific skill damages, cd's, inductions, etc. Many/Most of the skills are taken from other classes. I know it's not completely thought out but what do you see as it's strengths? Weaknesses? Does it have a similar flavor to Eomer? At least as much as Samwise is like the lotro guardian.

At least it was fun to make.

Constructive criticism is appreciated. What would you do different for an Eomer inspired class?