I've noticed that in between the discussions about classes, group play, RvR and such that people here have "intersesting" ways of describing the enemy forces they fight. Whether it's my dear friend Strobe's group of "9" zerging the map, or the videos of 40, or 50 freeps/creeps fighting (insert place here), more often than not I see specific numbers, rather than generic, more accurate names like, small group, raid, 2 raids, etc. And more often than not, these specific numbers seem exaggerated. To give an example, while flipping over to QQ on creepside(;D), I noticed someone saying a fraid had 38 freeps (or something like that, I don't remember the specific number), and then went on to list how many of each class were present. Now, maybe this fellow really is a rain-man type of guy, far be it from me to judge. But it led me to create this thread to ask the following question.

When you come across a group, freepside or creepside, how do you come to specific numbers when counting your opponent? Do you fraps the fight and count afterwards? Do you have a spy? Can you see through all the mess and brutality of war and actually count each and every single creep/freep? Personally, I take the mass of a creep zerg, estimate a fair number and multiply by 1.5 for my count. Sometimes I'll multiply by 2 if I can get away with it.