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    Where'd the Trollshaws wights go?

    It used to be there were a lot of wights across the bridge in the north of the zone. I'm deeding because there's nothing else to do in the game now, so I heading back up there for the first time in a while. It was all rats, humans and crawlers, with only a scattering of wights. Maybe 6-7 for each pass. I slaughtered everything in case they shared spawn points but that didn't help. What happened to the wights and how does Turbine expect us to do deeds.

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    They only come at night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yula_the_Mighty View Post
    They only come at night.
    They're controlled by Alice Cooper? :P

    Thanks, forgotten that.

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    You can find during game day time 1/3 the wights that show during game night time at the ruins around the Lost Temple. If you do the Lost Temple instance those wights will count for the instance wight slayer deed & the Trollshaws wight slayer deed as well.

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