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    Spell rotation for a level 20 minstrel

    Hey guys, I am sorry because I know this has been asked before but most of the searching I did the answers came for higher level players. So I need some nice veteran Minnie to point me in the right direction and explain to me the most efficient order to cast my songs at this level. So as I get higher I have a stepping stone to work from so to speak.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
    P.S. I am using WS stance a I am soloing right now to level up.

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    At level 20, you should be able to burn through your quests so fast that you will be leveling up and acquiring skills faster than you can really create a solid skill rotation. You will be able to kill single mobs pretty easily with ANY rotation you use so don't get fixated on finding the perfect rotation now.

    Instead, try to be as diverse in your skill use as you can, especially if you have a deed to complete. Make sure to use ALL your skills as you level up so you can see how they work and how they change as your minstrel matures. Get deeds done so you can slot traits to make your skills better. You have four virtue trait slots at lvl 30, two racial trait slots and one class trait slot. Get something to put in them all. Look at how you can make them work together. Decide which deeds you need to complete in order to get the traits that are most useful to you and your play style. Experiment in fellowships so you don't let your healing skills and deeds fall behind. Don't turn down opportunities to heal because no matter how much minstrels like War-Speech, other players expect us to serve as healers and buffers in groups.

    The only things I feel strongly enough about to bullet-point them and offer them as advice come down to making sure you don't make the same mistakes my first minstrel made:

    ** Don't be afraid to close in and melee with your weapon. Learn how to use it for self heals and group heals. Auto-attacks are a significant contributor to DPS. At the same time, we're a class that has huge potential to kite and fight on the move so do it. My favorite fighting position is with the tank in front of the enemy and park my minstrel right behind the enemy so I'm in range for melee hits and, if I do accidentally draw the mob's aggro, I am never out of reach for the tank to reacquire the mob's aggro.

    ** Learn how to fully exploit all the power that we have at our disposal in our Coda skill. Learn how stance and anthem affect it and then take advantage of it by choosing the best way to slot it into a fight. You'll also learn that by getting into groups.

    ** The power of anthems and codas only opens to you when you use ballads first. It might be a no-brainer but don't forget that the most important thing to get a minstrel into play with maximum options is get three ballads to hit.

    ** Heal often and heal early in your career as a minstrel.

    ** Use the right musical instrument for the job and don't bother using an instrument if it isn't the critted version. My minstrels are partial to drums at early levels for DPS. For heals at early levels, the Westernesse Lute instrument sold by the Men of Bree faction to players with Friend standing in the faction is really outstanding for how early you can get it. Carry the crafted lute strings to lower your healing threat along with that instrument and you've come pretty close to creating the equivalent of a level 70 healing instrument.

    ** I love Focused Performance as an early class trait because of how much it improves induction time. You get it from evading enemy attacks 300 times. You evade more attacks if you use Anthem of Prowess. Just a tip. (Light in the Dark, Focused Performance and Unrelenting are my three first-to-slot class traits. Your mileage my vary and every minstrel MUST adapt to how to their preferred playstyle.)

    Bottom line, and reiterating: Worry less about your rotation and enjoy the ride. Experiment as much as you can now.

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    A few random tips :

    1. You have a lot of skills, so you have to organize them. I put my melee on the 1 key, then the 3 ballads for keys 2,3,4. The anthems I put on the Shift 1,2,3 buttons, so I could tap them easily when I had built up three ballads. Buffs are on the Cntrl line. You need to work out a system that works for you.

    2. Level in warspeech stance.

    3. You can get a trait for Piercing cry that gives you 30% crit and stun when crit. Use Piercing cry as much as possible to unlock this trait.

    4. Use your melee attack a lot. There is a trait that gives +100% damage for your melee attack, and it unlocks by using your melee attack.

    5. Yes, try to use all your skills to gain familiarity and progress in deeds.

    6. Simple trial rotation: Debuff with timeless echoes of battle, then piercing cry, call of orome, hammer strike, three ballads, cast anthem. Repeat. Work in Coda as you gain experience.

    7. Pour yourself a big cup of coffee, tea, or frosty beverage of choice and read through this https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...se-of-Isengard. It's reasonably up to date and has a lot of information.

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    I also have a new minstrel, and this is my first time playing the class. Thanks for these great tips!



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