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    Dec 2010

    Gur Galad is Reforming

    Calling all past members of Gur Galad,

    We have decided to rebuild the kin and any old member is welcome to join, please send Fempo a message!

    If are not a past member of Gur Galad but would like to join feel free to talk to an officer in game (or sending Fempo a message is fine also)

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    Nov 2013
    Fempo is that you? This is Drognan! i was one of the main tanks when when Gur Galad was originally formed by Alagosanu way back when. Great ppl and if any of you are still around Im looking to start playing an mmo again. Let me know!

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    Yes that's Fempo, sadly however.. he's seriously AWOL & may not be returning

    Having known the guy for ages.. it's beyond a loss, Crick needs a Fempo.. anyone that remembers him would agree.. we are lessened for the loss as a whole.. the same can be said for GG, you guys were one of the best Kins, sad how many draw a blank when i mention either of those two things.. sad indeed.

    We started a *side kin*.. erm.. lol.. I made fempo start up our long time game clan (MERC) in crick.. just before the GG fell apart, I've been meaning to send out the open invite to all old GG's (and any other interested party's).. but the weight of it all was overwhelming.. and i wasn't sure if Fempo was coming back.. im pretty sure he isn't these days, i also didn't take down names when i was in GG, i kind of stuck to Fempo and Daeanu like glue during my lower levels.. Crick was a scary place back then.. so friendly, even had RP.. coming from the 'delf i was out of my depth (hehe)

    MERC is still active.. if one can call one man with many alts waiting on friends that aint coming back *active* but the kin is R9 with house and all the stuff.. any old GG is more than welcome in our house.. why not.. lol Fempo nicked most of our furniture from the GG KH.. crafty hobitses .
    I haven't recruited anyone in MERC for many reasons.. but i feel that time has passed now, one can only lament for so long..

    Now.. having said all that.. Fempo will come back now, as he's a crafty one my old boss.. likes to make me look silly and remind me it's all just a game.. he'll be raving about missing cabbages and other things i've had to sell.. he liked his farming.. your not the only one that misses the little dude.

    If you see a MERC tag, that's 99% going to be me.. or by some freaky deaky miracle Daeanu.. be nice to change that percentage.. send us a tell



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