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    Quote Originally Posted by Mildford View Post
    Water-lore is OP. I do not excel at playing any class, and that includes my LM. But he, rank 6 with 9 Audacity back then, managed to defeat a rank 13 creep. Outposts, (Ettenmoors) nemesis mobs, School/Library can be solo'd (and a bunch of other 3mans, but I, for one, could not). Someone even succeeded in being the sole healing in a BfE tier 1 run.

    Kinda obvious to see the OPness of the skill.

    I like the addition of Water-lore, but they have to nerf it.
    Indeed LMs can solo just about any 3man and some 6mans. But It requires the LM to be a good player, no sorry, it requires him to be a very good player. But LM is not the only class who can solo stuff. Champs can solo EVERYTHING a LM can. Wardens the same. SH and IP is soloable by RK and from where i see things RK can solo other stuff as well. Minstrels can solo some 3mans and captains as well. I cant tell about burglars as i am clueless of the class, and for guards i can safely assume they can solo something like IP. Again hunter is the only class that might actually not be able to solo anything.

    When that LM u mention solo healed BfE T1, his grp was almost all dead as u cant spread the WL around efficiently enough for the inferno.

    Outposts can be soloed by any class.

    Most creeps can be soloed by any class as things stand atm. It all comes down to the player that cntrls the altar.

    So my take in this is that if u compare LM to hnt u can say that he is OP due to WL. But if u compare him with champ and wrdn u will see no difference and WL wont be OP. Compare LM with the rest of classes and ull see WL gives him a slim advantage if any.

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    Indeed so many classes have the ability to solo content (you also need skill, yes, but if you class sucks you can't do too much with skill alone). This game is so solo-friendly now, literally.

    My Hunter, being my main character, couldn't solo just about anything (other than landscape, of course). Therefore, I dislike how they did with the other classes, especially Champions
    (my Champion on Landroval was made mainly to learn more about/try out roleplaying; currently shelved until VIP expires)
    Mildford - R9 Hunter • Support - R7 LM
    The Storm Crusaders (RIP) • Gladden

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    Not impressed with people saying LM's only ever trait red line, because CC isn't necessary. That's simply not true, at least not for LM's who were doing their job properly.
    I think the only time i traited red, around SoM time, was in ettens. The rest of the time i was constantly switching between yellow and blue lines for raids.
    Quite frankly taking an LM into SG red line traited was stupid and you may as well have not bothered taking that LM.
    CC is what makes an LM such a great class to play, it's multi tasking at it's best and any LM doesn't play as a CC class when required may as well role a hunter and just pew pew.

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    It's sad that LMs, once so mighty, are now reduced to mediocrity. The early pve alarmists were right and pvp has had a horrible impact on class design.


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