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    Thumbs up LM Dev Diary is out!

    Dev diary is here:

    I'm pretty excited about DPS line!

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    I'm very excited for MoNF and AM, but still have serious doubts about KoA. I love having a fully buffed pet - it's amusing to send them off to fight mobs while soloing - but I'm very wary of a tree which focuses upon buffing a pet which might die in combat.

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    This looks genuinely interesting. I might have a play with KoA for the lolz of the dogpile skill, but I see myself being a mix between MONF and AM primarily (much like my current 5r/2b solo or rainbow raid setup).
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    I go 5r/2b usually as well, or put some yellow in for raid debuffs, but I don't think mixing lines will be really possible with the trait trees if you want any real effectiveness.

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    Too much spotlight for big booms.
    I expect even more "lolmasters" who treat LM as a damage-dealer and don`t even know what CC is.
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    DPS LMs have been "arsonmasters" since the days of Moria. Sadly, CC went pretty much out the window soon after the next expansion.

    Which, reading the dev diary, they wont play as much with fire. Almost looks like BE does not stack 3 deep unless traited 3 deep in BE. Also no point in casting ISG, which apparently is no longer the legendary DPS trait.

    Sigh.. these dev diarys are WAY light on details. Almost to the point of uselessness. They read more like what will go on the home page to describe the class for people who want to see if they want to play the game.



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