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    Angry Im so confused! Please Help!

    Okay here's what's going on. When i'm in a fellowship, and i want to share a quest, I see a quest with the GREY RING and i click "Share". Well, for some reason the fellowship member(s) will get an offer to accept multiple other quests in addition to the one i shared?? Up to 2 or 3 others. Why is this happening? They are unrelated quests because the original one i shared didn't have the GREY ARROWS. And when i check my quest log to look at the others that were shared, they are just simple side quests. Ex. "Collect 20 boar haunches and 20 bear hides" or "Collect mushrooms 0/20" Someone please help me. I'm getting confused on whats going on

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    You can share any quests that have indicated as shareable but the fellow receiving it must have a valid minimum level, that quest pack & be in the same step of the quest chain (if the quest is part of a chain) to accept that quest. If he is receiving other quests than the 1 you shared those maybe lower steps on the quest chain that he most complete before be able to accept your quest.

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