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    Congratulations Second Marshall Hestonbear! (R13!)

    I guess I'll be the one to start the thread, because nobody else likes you!
    You're among the handful of active Free People raid leaders.
    I can always count on you to either be trying to PvE in the Moors with a fair amount of freeps ready to do battle, or in a zerg when you are forced to.
    Either way it's action.
    We may not always see eye to eye, and some may not like your antics.......but such is the life of a raid leader, and you can't please everybody.
    Just keep the action going, and fun alive.

    Love, Jimi
    Jimi's Mash

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    Grats Heston... when I first started coming out here was damned near impossible to get in a group. You were always willing to give us noobs a shot. To this day, you are one of the most inclusive leaders out there. Thanks for showing many of us the ropes.

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    Hboss way to be a great big baddie you may be the worst warden on the server.er wait you play a cappy? Then how do you never die? But foreal great guy and one of the nicest ppl on the server. Thanks for teaching me how to play and lead raids.keep it classy cutie and good luck to rank 14

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    Grats Heston! As Sat said...you were the point of origin for many of us out here learning the ropes, best of luck on R14.

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    Congrats to the freep raids, without you staying in the fight while others make haste and run back to gv some people wouldnt be able to rank. So congrats to you and keep it up, this one is for you.

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    gratz dude


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    Cool Congrats!!

    Es raises her glass of rum and tell you to slam a shot down with her! Heston congrats on a well deserved rank! You are one of few that are willing to lead a raid. Thanks for always stepping up to the plate and helping many of us get the renown we need in order to rank as well. It is always an honor to run with you even when you rage. Here's to you and many more raids that you lead. Big hugs



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