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    Where is Galadriel?

    Just after hitting level 75, I received the following mail

    From: Galadriel

    Subject: A Need in Rohan

    I have need of you, my adventuring friend, in Caras Galadhon. Come to me outside the House of
    Celeborn my husband, and we will speak of the things I have seen in my Mirror, and the friend whose
    health you placed in my care. There will be a need of you in Rohan, and I have words you may wish
    to hear before you depart for that land.

    (This will begin Volume III Book 7 of the Epic Story.
    Completion of Book 6 is strongly encouraged, but not required. If you progress Book 7 of the Epic
    Story, you will eventually obtain a war-steed for riding in the Plains of Rohan.)

    Well, I went to Telain Galadhrim, and then all over Caras Galadhon, looking for Galadriel, and cannot find her.
    There are no golden rings that indicate she is even a quest-giver.

    Anybody else run into this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If I recall correctly, she is way up high. You need to follow a ramp up, then climb a ladder, and you will find her. Here is a picture to help (The red dot is for Galadriel, but the red line only approximates the ramp):

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    Thanks. Yes, I did actually find her a couple minutes after I posted.



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