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Thread: Epic Flowers

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    Epic Flowers

    At the end of the Epic Quests in Wildermore, you get 3 hand-held flowers. Are they useful later on? Should I save them?

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    No use that we know of.

    However, the same was thought of Erebrandir's Horseshoe at one time, so who knows for sure?

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    Just a nice hand-held cosemetic. Nice for cute hobbit gals and such to equip when running around festivals and such.

    They can sometimes sell for a lot at the AH, but can take a while to sell.
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    They're pretty! What else do you need to know?

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    My uncle's cousin's mother-in-laws hairdresser's neighbour's brother says they are critical and you can't defeat <redacted> without at least one member of your party having them equipped in phase <redacted>. If two members of the party have them equipped you will earn the secret deed <redacted> and the associated title.

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    They are baby ents that have been sleeping under the snow! ...Not really but they are cute! Now if we just can convince the ent woman huorn that live in The Shire to pay a visit to Fangorn we will see a lot of baby ents running around very soon. Also, why no one have told yet that there are a lot of ent women sleeping in the Old Forest? I bet that Fangorn ents know how to wake them up.
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