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Thread: New to lotro

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    New to lotro

    I like to heal and wanted to roll a healer. I was wondering what class would be better the Minstrel or Runekeeper.


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    First, Minstrel will be available to you from the get go, while Rune-keeper is locked and has to be purchased.
    Second, Minstrels can easily switch between dealing damage and healing, while Rune-keepers have to change their attunement to heal. Though, if you're going to be a dedicated healer, that will matter slightly less.
    Third, Minstrels are more direct healing, while Rune-keepers are more heal over time buffs.
    Fourth, as far as I'm aware, classes are going to dramatically change with Helm's Deep, so I have no idea how they're going to play then.

    Of course, you could play both and decide which one you like the best.

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    It all depends on the type of healing you are used to from other games.

    The Minstrel is the original healing class and is more of a reactive healer. Tank takes damage, minstrel casts a spell to heal that damage.

    The Rune-keeper is a proactive healer. Most of their healing skills are based on using HOTs (heal over time). So they mostly cast heals before they are needed so that it is in place when the other player takes the damage.

    Both classes also have different play styles. The Minstrel is ready to go as long as they are not in War-speech. The RK must tier up their damage or healing skills and do more healing/damage with each spell of that type they cast in series.

    You might want to check out the class specific forums to get a better feel for each class before making a final decision.
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    I leveled a Runekeepr to 64 and have ALWAYS been a healer in other MMOs. I must say after playing a Runekeeper I like the damage aspect of them more than their healing aspect. I am curious now to level up a Minstrel since Healing is my forte.

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    OH!!! Not that Rune Keepers vs Ministrels discusion again!!! They are the same as good on total heals they just heal in different ways. & is not true that Rune Keepers have issues switching to heals while Ministrels don't. Ministrels also have issues switching (very long induction to switch stances) & good experienced Rune Keepers can switch stances swiftly as well. Also both classes have both heal over time skills & direct big heal skills & Ministrels also have to work their best skills out with ballad/anthem/coda process. Good Rune Keepers are not "off-heals" they can be main healer & solo heal raids without any difficult. They don't have to sit back & wait hopeing that the Ministrel die so the Rune Keeper can shine. Also the Rune Keeper is not a reactive healer, they do huge heals if needed, they put dots to help all the fellowship swift recover from small to moderate dammages & they put a lot of dammage reduction protective buffs on all the fellowship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleopatra7777 View Post
    I like to heal and wanted to roll a healer. I was wondering what class would be better the Minstrel or Runekeeper.

    Neither. They are both excellent healers, can solo well and deal good damage, though not necessarily at the same time as healing. Since you are new, try out the Minstrel and see if you like the game. If you do, then unlock the Runekeeper and try it out. Decide for yourself which one you prefer.
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    Minstrel passive healer... you can't start healing untill dmg is done
    Rune-Keeper active healer... you can start healing before dmg is done through heals over time...

    what is more fun to play? i guess it is a matter of opinion... i prefer rk because it can do some nice dps too... but for the rest it doesn't matter...
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