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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimdi View Post
    It might hold if there was a ample supply of relevant trade-goods, but items that are actually worth trading are pretty limited, and "living costs" don't scale nearly as much as income (opposite of usual real-life inflation). Real-life inflation actually encourages spending money for real-value goods as it generally looses value. In the Lotro economy this doesn't work, as you cannot really invest in real-value goods when they become obsolete with the next expansion (which is actually a good thing to limit speculations with in-game items), and many relevant (vendor)goods have fixed prices.
    What is important to mention is that everything written here is based on personal observations... And based on my observations, the rate at which items are sold and bought is much higher then pre-ror... Never did i see so much food, scrolls, mats being sold so fast as they are now... So in my book, even in this case, more gold in circulation does in fact facilitate trade... There is no reason to dismiss this just because goods become obsolete with the next expansion... Everyone is aware of that... But everyone still plays the same, and trades the same (since everyone knows that gold is the least valuable currency and the easiest to attain) up until the new expansion is announced....

    New expansions actually have a similar effect in the sense that they also increase trade just like more gold in circulation...

    Quote Originally Posted by Macroscian View Post
    I had a break due to work and work a big chunk of january to july last year and most of august to december also 2012 and then a proper break much of this year. I came back to my previously awesome 500 gold and found that this was worth nothing. Inflation is severe and very bad in every way. It is entirely out of control.
    So what you are saying is that you havent played Lotro for almost 2 years??? Haha.. (thats around 25% of the games life) . Oh and your 500g are still "awesome" you can buy everything you would need to play normally... If you want more gold, which you do not need (100g is plenty) you just need to play the game... Invest time to earn gold... Easy... (as i said, the real currency does not devalue)

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    This seems like an idea that someone would pitch if they were too lazy to earn the gold for any items on the AH. If it isn't broken, don't "fix" it. Gold is the easiest thing to earn, if I spent enough time doing it I could sell stacks of light hides on the AH until I hit 9999G without ever going past level 10 or so.


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