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    Scale every instance to max level.

    Scale every instance up to max level, and if you use the instance finder for random instances, make it worth our while by increasing the drop rate on gold items and increasing seals and skirm points by a higher percentage. I think I speak for everybody when I say we are getting burned out with sambrog farming. I know somebody worked hard on building these instances (except for Dale) and its a shame to see all that hard work go to waste just because everybody wants quick and easy points.

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    Íf I see what they have done to they have done to the great barrow when the system has been changed, I am glad that Carn Dum stays the way it is.

    You can't just scale the instance level and think that everything will be fine. First you need to make them scaleable which again is a lot of work. It was done with many short instances and with BG.
    I think that one after another they will all become scaleable and I hope that Carn Dum will be the last one.

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    No thank you. Scaling old (group) content is the easiest cop-out to avoid having to create actually new (group) content.
    Instead of old content that has its defined place in the timeline / story (like CD, Uru) I'd like some new content which would nicely increase the value of buying a new expansion.
    Now pl[b]a[/b]ying : Br[b]a[/b]hmiel, Level 100 Elf LM and so h[b]a[/b]ppy my pet lets me t[b]a[/b]g [b]a[/b]long !
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    Free-del[b]a[/b]s !

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    No, let's keep some instances unscaled just to have it different. There's no need to make everything similar.
    If you want to have more scaled instances please ask developers to make new ones.

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    I see why you would like to try your hand at a scaled classic instance, however i do think it might end up cheapening the experience if the scaling is done poorly.
    Mind you i don't think that just because it might end up badly, it shouldn't be tried. Also i don't think we should just focus on newer and newer content. In my opinion that is a big flaw with the game. Everyone just wants to do the new stuff and people almost forget the old content. I'd say that more new stuff is always good but you have to focus on the non-level cap content as well.



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