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    Unhappy Cannot connect to logon server, anyone else having same issue?

    I login successfully and Vilya shows as UP, but when I try to connect, it times out after the usual 20 tries. I am able to connect to other servers (don't have characters on other servers though). Anyone else having this problem too?

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    My clients bugging aswell, says Connecting to patch server, stops at 33%, fails, says An update error occured: server connection timed out. retries every 60s. over and over i dont know what to do. The pc i've never had problems with for the past 3 years won't connect, I know it's not a problem with my internet, checked my antivirus and firewall and all that nonsense, rebooted, restarted modem, don't know what else to do, any response would be appreciated, its been doing this since HD launch date, it's now 12/5/2013. I'm tired of waiting.

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    Unhappy Cant log in

    I'm also having problems logging into the game. It was suppose to be up at 10am eastern, and its now 1pm for me.

    Everytime I try to log in I get the same error message, Failed to read authentication response. I'm really getting sick of seeing this. I know its not me or my pc, because my husband who is in Germany atm also gets the same error message too!

    When I looked into the problem, the only thing the help page said was, either servers are down or there is an outage. Big help right? sigh...........

    I wish that they would at least send a message that told you the servers were still down.

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    Down until 2p.m, then maybe 4, likely delayed to 6, postponed to 8 and then rescheduled for tomorrow morning.
    Old School PvMPer... 6 Years in and its somehow still getting worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Brandon View Post
    Down until 2p.m, then maybe 4, likely delayed to 6, postponed to 8 and then rescheduled for tomorrow morning.
    Cause its happening now. Merry Xmas all you people who pay for this game!! xD



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