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Maggots and pies alike, seriously, stop bringing your server disputes to the main forum. If you want to ask about 'worldwide lag', one does simply just that.

1. If you lag, creeps lag. On rare ocassions creeps lag the most, generally froobs get the worst of it. That don't mean creeps don't get skill lag when you get it, it's just a 'tad' less.

2. rofl, thanks for the giggles.

3. There's no reasoning with the lag, it comes and goes as it pleases, jumping from server to server as it seems fit. I play on 4 different servers, 2 EU, 2 US, on rare ocassions the lag is worldwide, generally it's server specific and normally last, in my experience, between 1-3 days. (We're talking the really REAL bad lag here.) And no, none of the servers I play on have had noticeably worse lag than normally lately.

Hope this helps.

Since you got me started and all, I also took the liberty of sorting your post out to something more 'fitting' for the main munster forum just for future reference and ocassions, should any arise.
Sorry your post doesn't help or add anything to the thread, i am in etten by SoA times, i changed 3 gaming pc since i started to play lotro (and few times i use my laptoto, too) and counting all my chars i got way over 4.000.000 of renown so i know what i'm talking about, i know when lag comes from server, i know when comes from my pc or my isp and i applied all the best graphics settings for the Ettenmoors, a so evident discrepancy in lag between the two sides arrived with RoR, never noticed it before, it was lasting 1 or 2 days max anyway , in the last days though this is happening every evening so the problem became clear to everybody and makes me sad to see someone who's not paid by Turbine (i guess so at least) blame other players who come to the forum to complain, what are we supposed to do then? Go and collect bounder's tokens in angmar? Why do we have to be forced to play the game in the way they want instead of the way we customers want? In ettens freeps can't play properly from 6 to 9pm gmt, if you can stay in game late you can have some fight, if not you're doomed to lag and many give up soon usually, should we be even thankful for that? Are there limits beyond which it's not guaranteed a proper play? Is it the same for all the servers? Is it a problem of hardware resources? Is it a problem of net code? Is it a problem of bandwith? You know, some of us would like to have a serious, professional and technical answer to those questions, i never seen an official post or page about how to improve performance in pvp area, i suppose for you "it's fault of the influence of Sauron" will clear any doubt you have, but for me ain't enough and if i can't play the game i love when and how i want, i expect someone up there to explain me why at least (and why not, refund all the players who paid monthly fee just for pvp).