There was some maintenance done today on the hamster farm and some of the support systems were also taken down for updates. At about 16:40 CET I experienced something odd. First I was dropped from the forums when I was browsing through posts. No, I did not take 6 hours to read a post, I was actually flipping through them quite fast. I then tried to log in only to find that the "Log in" link at the top of the page was missing! I did what any normal person would do: I removed all cookies and cleared the cache and then reloaded the page.

Still no log-in link.

So I switched to the German version and lo and behold it seems they were allowed to log in! I switched back to the English version (I can order a beer, that's about how far my German can take me) but were still not allowed onto the forums. Switching back to the German version allowed me to log in and I could then switch back and stay logged in.

I've seen this "missing log-in link" behaviour before. Is it a known issue?