Hi there,
Couple of general questions about the Moors as I've not PVP'd properly since before the changes that brought in commendations, audacity, and moved the elf and orc camps ^^

First off - I used to like to PVP as a raidhealer minstrel when my main was on Laurelin but as I said, a long time ago now. My main is lvl 85 as I've nipped back to level every time there's been an expansion. I don't really go for PvE raiding so I have no PvE raid gear - and rebuilding Hytbold was so boring I gave up after building the stable and the mead hall and went off to level alts on Evernight instead
I've just brought my minstrel out of semi-retirement ready for the next expansion and moved her to Evernight to join my alts and am wondering about heading back to the moors again.....I got half way through rank 8 a couple of years ago and I keep thinking about that black pony..... <3

If I have no interest in PvE raiding, could I abandon Hytbold altogether now and just level my way through the new expansion when it hits? It seems as though the best gear for Ettens is the Audacity gear anyway from what I've read so far and I'm not looking for any endgame PvE raiding - PVP raiding used to be more fun.

So 2nd question: I realise opinions will be subjective, but is there still decent PVP out there? I've read both the Laurelin and the Evernight PVP threads and it sounds a bit doom and gloom - but that might just be the usual qq'ers getting their daily fix

If there's anyone from Evernight that would could care to give me an unbiased view of the PVP on the server, how it tends to work, if there are ever open raids, if it's mostly soloers - or if it's mostly empty..... O.o I'd be interested to hear.