Greetings everyone^^

I haven't played LOTRO in sometime, but I'm happy to see the community is still thriving and the forums here have gotten a nice facelift too. My favorite thing about LOTRO was the amazing music system here and I found my greatest joy in arranging ABC files to perform with my online band. We had about 3 sets worth of material we enjoyed playing with and I always intended to post our files somewhere to share with others. I just never got around to organizing that until now...

Almost all our songs were premade MIDI files of popular songs we harvested from multiple sources, which we then edited down into approximately 2 minute versions and arranged for a 5 piece LOTRO band (bass, drums, 2 strings, and lead). We put a lot of love into these edits and hope others might enjoy playing with them as much as we have.

You can find our ABC files organized by instrument here:

And you can preview the full version of our songs via ABC Player wave file exports on our youtube here:

Thanks for looking and have fun!