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    A world transfer issue

    Hi people,
    I'm planning to do a world character transfer. However I'm quite confused about one thing that was in FAQ- section on Customer support. There is said that: 'Please be aware that items in Shared Storage will remain on the original server, and any storage items bound to the character being transferred will be removed.' What do the bound items mean in this situation? Are they the items I get as quest rewards and as soon as I receive them they become bound to that specific character? Correct me if I'm wrong please. Oh and the reason why I'm asking this here on the forums is that I'm hoping I would get the answer faster from the forums than the Lotro support team.

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    You can put "bound to character" items in shared storage. If you do so those items will be destroyed as part of the transfer process because they can not longer be removed by you. Only the character that is transferring can remove them. This character is gone. I believe the same thing happens to character bound items in shared storage when a character is deleted.

    Make sure to move any character bound items from shared storage to vault or personal inventory before the transfer.
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    Thank u that cleared things up!



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