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    Multiple seperate subscriptions and pre ordering HD

    Our household has 3 LT accounts all under completely different subscription details and not under one umbrella master account, which I pay for all the expansions. There is no payment method on file for any of these accounts and I would have prefered to keep it that way. Usually under Digital River I did not need to allocate the account and was able to buy all three in one paypal hit, receiving 3 codes which I could then use in account management. I am concerned that now that I have to allocate the account and register a payment method, I will be locked out of using that same paypal account to pay for the 2 remaining accounts. My trepidation is dude to a previous issue I have had with registering payment methods and having to make 'extra' paypal accounts to actually buy for other accounts.

    Could I please get verification that I will be able to pay all 3 pre orders under one paypal, and that I will be able to de-register the default payment method once the process is complete.

    (as an aside, why have you discontinued DR? I have only just used it to buy preorders for DDO this last month)
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    You can use the same payment method for multiple subscriptions under the same username. On the LOTRO Market website, be sure to select the subscription that you are buying for at the top-right of your screen. To have your payment method removed, please contact Account Support using the information in my signature.
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    Thanks for the reply, however as stated in the title and body these are not under one account. If possible could you reveiew the information and update the reply. I specifically want to know if I use paypal for one account, will that paypal be 'tied' to the account and be unusable on other accounts?


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    I have read all the new and existing advice in all the stickies and as far as I can tell, there is a problem with buying through turbines store for multiple accounts with one method.

    I have also read the new advice about the multiple accounts on one subscription thread and this does not apply here.

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    Sorry for the misunderstanding. There is no conflict with using the same payment method for multiple usernames. You can use the same PayPal account to pre-purchase Helm's Deep.
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