For the second time this week, I finished a deed and its corresponding Turbine Points were not received. This time it was 15 TPs from the deed The Life of a Bounder (Final). I received the in-chat notice that I had "earned 15 turbine points" as well as the on-screen congratulation pop-up, but when I clicked on the Visit Store button no TPs were received. That was yesterday evening. As of this writing (+12 hours later) my hard-earned points are still missing [REF: Turbine Customer Support #24001-514661]

The previous occurrence was with deed Warg-Slayer (Advanced) in the Lone-Lands (10 TPs). Exact same issue: no points received after deed completion even though both notices were received [REF: Turbine Customer Support #24001-512337].

My toon is level 38. Is there a level limit to complete deeds in order to be eligible for the reward? Did I wait too long to complete these particular deeds? After these two incidents I've completed two other deeds and I received the TPs almost instantly, within a few seconds of deed completion. So what did I do wrong with the other two? That's 25 Turbine Points the game has cheated me out of so far.

PLEASE HELP. I farmed really hard for those points.