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    I Need Some Help

    I played LotRO before but I do not remember my username or password so i decided to start over but I really do not know what character is best for me. The first time I played Lore Master and I loved it but I want something new. I play a lot of other games and I usually go with the hunter or stealth character. I like the burglar but I feel he has no big attacks like with the Captain and Lore-Master which they have pets so I also thought about trying Captain but I don't know so if any one has suggestions I would love to hear them. If Warden or Rune-Keeper are good I can buy them but i'm open to any suggestions.

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    well, if u enjoyed LM before then i would suggest trying out Cappy. it's similar in many aspects, except it's melee and buffs as opposed to the ranged and debuffs of the LM. i have many capped toons, LM is by far my fav and i would put Cappy second as i enjoy support roles best. Hunter would also be a good choice, it has stealth, good fears and stuns and aoe's and traps, lots of ports and speed boosts for easier everyday gameplay and travel, plus put out excellent dps. RK is also a good,diverse class,though u have to buy it on your own. Hope that helps
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    If you still have the same email account that is associated with your old account, you might want to try contacting customer service and seeing if they will send an email to that account with a new password on it. That will allow you to get your old characters back and also recover any expansion access you purchased prior to quitting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snipersneaky View Post
    I like the burglar but I feel he has no big attacks ....
    This isn't really true. A Burglar's Surprise Strike out of stealth is one of the biggest hitting damaging skills in the game. Can pretty much one-shot landscape mobs at 85. And damage per second is top tier. But a Burglar is slow to level. If you're patient it's a lot of fun though.
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