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    how can i take the "exchange my mount" quest?

    when i got my riding skill, i've noticed that next to Eogar there was another NPC which offered mounts as barter for "receipt of payment" for my mount, which i'm supposed to get from Eogar in exchange for the mount i've purchased from him.
    all that's very well, but i've purchased a mount, but the quest icon did not appear over Eogar's head nor was i able to sell my mount to him.

    would appreciate any help

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    You will never need this quest so no need to worry about it.

    When the game first came out, it was possible for Man/Elf to buy a pony by mistake and for Dwarf/Hobbit to buy a Horse. Since you could not ride the mount if you made this mistake, this quest was provided to allow you to trade your original mount token (took up pack space) for a different one.

    When they changed the mounts to be stored as skills, this situation can not happen any more since you buy a Steed and receive either a horse or pony depending on your race.
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    thanks mate. can't understand why the GM i contacted couldnt tell me that instead of "we don't help with quests"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurthrain View Post
    thanks mate. can't understand why the GM i contacted couldnt tell me that instead of "we don't help with quests"
    Probably because this happened back during the First Age of LOTRO (Shadows of Angmar) and the GM you contacted was hired during the 2nd or 3rd Age.

    Or, more realistically, they are not supposed to help with figuring out quests, and if he did not know this arcane fact off the top of his head, then he just followed process (the bane of our existence) and said he could not help. This is old, old, info and not a likely candidate for "cheat sheet" info for a GM, and would likely be unknown to someone hired within the last several years.
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