"The Descendants of Marcho"

"The Descendants of Marcho" is a newly created, hobbit only, kinship. Yes, a hobbit only kinship. Our kinship will be like no other and here's why: We are accepting all hobbit folk, of any experience level! And we are always glad to help our fellow hobbit kin. We will quest together, fight battles together, and adventure to the far edges of Middle-Earth together. We will grow strong together, as never before seen from us hobbits. Looking to relax after a long hard week of questing and fighting the mighty dangers of Middle-Earth? Come to our house parties where there will be food, drink, and music for all; where we will discuss what we've accomplished that week and what our future goals are. Also, other fun events such as fishing groups and scavenger hunts etc. will be hosted during the weekends! There's so much more to come, and much more to say, but why don't all fellow hobbits who are interested, send me a letter. Any time, any day. My name is "Hobbingard". I'll be looking forward to seeing you in Middle-Earth. Farewell, my friends.

World: Meneldor


  • Be of Hobbit descent. (Of course)
  • Somewhat active player. (4-5 days a week)
  • Be respectful and nice.
  • Must participate and be active in our kinship and kinship events.