The Riddermark Role-playing Alliance welcomes members of the server to participate in a 9-day Epic "Quest for the Lost Garrison." A variety of activities will be offered, including RP/IC & OOC Socials, Skirmishes, Globe-Trots, Deed-Grinds, and More. Participate in events that YOU would enjoy.

Event announcements and updates will be listed on RRPA's website in the form of a newspaper, the Haysward Press.

The first event will be held on Friday, September 27th at 9:00pm EST/Servertime. Visit RRPA's website for more information.

Get your RP on!

Safe Travels,

Riddermark Role-playing Alliance

* Citizens of the Town of Haysward * Riders of the Tenth Eored * Longbeards of the Iron Company * Noldor of the House of Fingolfin * Erdolen Idhren of Cirdan *