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Thread: Lotro Problems

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    Unhappy Lotro Problems

    Can anyonee plz help me .The problem is when i try to play the game i open it and i normaly run it but when i enter the game with character few seconds after i move the game stops responding and quits by itself.I tryed reinstalling, i tryed lowering the graphicks,turning the auto restart off ... But none of them seems to be working the problem showed up two weeks ago when i was playing earlyier the game worked perfectly and i had none problems.
    My windows is strong enought to hold the game at max graphichs...
    So Does Anyone plz have a solution to this problem i posted this thread 2 week's ago...But i seriously need some hlp with this i love the game but i cant play it !
    Plz HLP ME
    Thx in advanced.

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    First, you need to post what version of windows, what graphic card ( integrated intel graphics or amd or nvidea card ), how much memory you have, how big is your power supply. Things like that.

    Does other games have issues as well as Lotro. Sometimes if your power supply is going out it can cause games to crash because your video card isn't getting enough power to run the game. Have you updated your video card drivers lately or even updated windows as well. If you have issues with all your games, it could be an issue with your video card. If you have intel integrated video, there are quite a few threads on issues with that.

    You might be able to find someone willing to look at your computer and help out as well. There is a program called " Teamviewer " that allows someone to view your computer from anywhere as if they were right there on it. I have used it before to work on my brothers computer. Both parties have to have it installed and it is a free program. Really easy to use. Maybe you know someone that could help you out in that way as well.

    There really isn't a lot anyone here can do without seeing your computer. Teamviewer can help if you know someone that is willing to help you out. Any way good luck with this problem. Worse comes to worse, take it somewhere that works on computers and have them look at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soltasword View Post
    There is a program called " Teamviewer " that allows someone to view your computer from anywhere as if they were right there on it. .
    I never knew that. My comp has issues and this sounds like something that will help!
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    Did any thing on your system change prior to LOTRO not working? Maybe you installed a new program or new drivers? Did you install a new piece of hardware, like a printer, sound card, or video card?

    I'd also suggest you post this in the tech support forum https://www.lotro.com/forums/forumdi...hnical-Support , along with your system specs like processor, ram, video card, and operating system. Maybe your DirectX Diagnostic file, which if you don't know how to make one the folks on the tech support forum will show you.

    If you can back up all your data, and do a complete re-installation of Windows from scratch, that might fix things but it's a drastic step.

    Team viewer is a good suggestion too, if you know someone who knows more about computers that you do, and trust them to look at your (and possibly control) your computer.

    Edit: You can view and possibly control someone's desktop through Google Voice/Hangouts as well. So if your tech-savvy friend had a Google account, that might be an option. Just be careful who you let view and especially take over your pc, for obvious reasons!



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