It was originally stated, IIRC, that these new forums would scale to the size of our browsers. That was theoretically going to be one of the perks, yes? Well, the old forums fit my browser just fine. Once the change was made, the forums were about an inch too wide. Since then that has grown to about two inches too wide.

I've gone quite a while without saying anything, thinking perhaps there would be a change soon, but I am starting to get extremely frustrated.

When reading any thread, I have to keep my cursor on the horizontal scroll bar and slide it left and right, left and right, left and right, so that I can read each any every line. This is driving me batty. It's hard to read anything so wide. It would be like using Notepad without word wrap. Scroll all the way to the end of the line and then scroll back and hope you are on the correct line by the time you get back there.

Please, will this be fixed any time soon? Using these forums has become incredibly cumbersome. Any time I want to quote someone or even just post my own messages, I have to scroll to the right before the button is even visible on my screen.

I don't even understand why it is so huge. There is a huge blank space on the far right of my screen that is completely unnecessary. -.-