So let me see if I got this straight:

1. With Fell-wrought damage and Orc Craft damage dished out by creepers,, the only way to mitigate these attacks is with audacity. So my tact (45%) and phy (50%) mitigation wont help except the "old usual damages" like defilers, reaver, weaver ect.
2. So we drop down these mits and virtue in resistance to get more resists (always nice)...good plan
3. I am at 28% resistance now.. need more...and see a good number of resists on weavers, ...some on reavers, defibulators (defiler) , BA, WL, ....and NONE on wargs....oo
4. cap is 50% and can be reduced by 20% max with finesse..so that gives u effective resistance of 30% if capped
5. How good does it get if u cap it. Is the grind worth it I guess I am asking

Am I understanding this correctly for current game status
There are parts of this in other posts I though it would be nice to get it in a thread titled resistance
tia for any responses..this is a great forum!!

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