Hello Fellow Wardens!

I am a 22nd level warden and I do understand the principle of building up your gambits, but I am wondering if I am doing so correctly. So please bear with me.

This is what I currently have in my hot key bars:

Quick Thrust ...Shield Bash....Wardens Taunt....Gambit Default .... is this correct?

On the upper hot key slots that is C1, C2, C3, I have Shield Piercer.....Javelin-Toss....Ambush ... Critical Strike ...Recovery ... Is this correct? (Also is there a quick way other than using one's mouse to access those slots? Is that something I should be programing in my key mapping options?)

Now for the rest of the Skills such as Spear and Spear, Spear and Shield, and Spear and Fist, etc. . Those skill state that "Way of the Spear" Traits need to be slotted. My question is once I have acquired those traits, am I supposed to hot key those as well?

Or, should I be hot keying the Gambits themselves?

Please enlighten me

Aside from that I have been impressed by the wealth of information on how to play a warden and I am really loving the class!