So... I'm new to this roleplaying business and the truth is I find it a bit intimidating, which is why I thought it might be good to get rid of some doubts that I have.

The thing is I've just created a character who is supposed to be from Archet, and as her storyline progresses, more and more time will have passed since the Blackwolds attacked Archet (obviously). What is more or less the accepted timeline in RP? Do most people pretend Archet burned down just a couple of weeks ago, or did it happen months earlier?

When I sort of RP on my own I can obviously pretend it was yesterday or last year, but it might be awkward if I'm saying Archet was attacked by brigands five days ago, and someone else says it was a month ago... So, is there any consensus on a timeline, do people just wing it or are you supposed to avoid the issue completely?